it's 4:30 in the morning and i just finished watching 'escape to witch mountain' on the disney channel (you laugh now, but have you seen it lately?) and y'know, 'the cat from outer space' was looking pretty tempting, but i decided i'd be better off putting my insomnia to good use and adding some stuff to this site! so now the photo page is up, and if you've got a minute, the 1st chapter of my teen novel 'bubblegum'!

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( photos! )
( i heart coney island! )
( coney island, part 2! )
( my new room! )

new!!! super cute cosmic girls girly comics for jump u.k. magazine!!
( zoo escape! )
( a few of our favorite things! )
( campfire girls! )
( science fair! )

comics (more coming soon)!!
( split second drain - as seen in non! )
( how to build a miniature hi-fi! )
( what do the teen panthers do on a saturday night? )
( my friend flicka - as seen in bunnyhop magazine! )

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( nueva york - yeah, yeah, yeah - finally an UPDATE!!! )
( when i was 19 i lived in a terrible neighborhood and wrote a teen novel - this is the 1st chapter. )

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